The Call of the Wild

Quality Outfitting with a Nod to Tradition.

We source only the highest-quality outdoor camping and survival gear, directly importing from our suppliers around the globe. Our products blend cutting-edge technology with a respect for tradition—each one an embodiment of our motto: sturdy, not trendy. 

Our Heritage

Back to Basics

Since 1999, the founders of J&J Kniv Supply Co. have been teaming up in the backcountry in search of the next adventure. After years of braving the elements and improvising on the spot, they forged a deep appreciation for trustworthy equipment they could rely on.

In 2012, the two set out to form a company to disrupt the overland industry. Offering only tried and true camping gear, J&J Kniv Supply Co. takes guesswork out of equation so you can focus on what matters—your next adventure. 

J&J Kniv Supply Co. maintains a steadfast motto: sturdy, not trendy.  That means gear that won’t let you down—no batteries that go dead, bulbs that burn out, equipment that can't get a signal. We only supply gear that works, no matter the situation or environment.

It’s time to take what you need. It’s time to get back to basics. 

It’s time to live life unbounded.

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